Melaka Home Stay With Unique Design is all the best

Melaka is an interesting city, as historic cities tend to be. With a history going back hundreds of years, and most historical sites in a relatively good state, homestay melaka is a place worth a visit. One good thing is that all the interesting places are within a kilometer or two of each other. This means that you need not to plan a long trip to visit one site.

Melaka is a very peaceful and quiet environment forholiday and relax. It’s located within Melaka Town area, only 10min to melaka raya, 5min toPerkampungan Portugis and 3minto RestoranMuara Duyung,muara Sg Duyungikan bakar. Here, you will be away from town with all the traffic when you want to rest, and yet so near to all the places you would want to go.

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